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Publication Number table-triangletable-triangle-up Title table-triangletable-triangle-up Designationtable-triangletable-triangle-up
US10129945Modular light control systemSmart Lighting
US7724702Multiple configuration communication apparatusTelecom
US10021758Sensor board for luminaire/lighting systemSensors
US9874478Sensor clip and method of usingSensors
US10101211Sensor clip and method of usingSensors
US10047921System and method for performing self-test and predicting emergency lighting fixtures life expectancySmart Lighting
US10021757System and method for predicting emergency lighting fixture life expectancySmart Lighting
US10132687Three-dimensional vlc/dlc sensor clipLiFi
US9686842Universal smart lighting gatewaySmart Lighting
AT360287Verfahren und vorrichtung fÃœr einen sprechgruppenruf in einem drahtlosen nachrichten ÃœbertragungssystemTelecom


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