We focus on harnessing the exponential power of having the right IP at the right time. Our proprietary approach puts time and value on our client’s side – by protecting what is truly protectable years ahead of the traditional patent approach.

Build your IP portfolio around your overall value proposition first.

Combining business strategy, innovation, and deep experience in Intellectual Property development, we focus on protecting the overall value proposition of your business first. Then your technology is part of a well-protected business strategy rather than the other way around. This business-centric approach puts time - and money - back on your side.

We’d like to help you exponentially shift the value of your business by leveraging the power of IP.

Our work has three components:

1. Use Case Protectability Assessment

This is a short, low-risk phase that enables you to quickly discover if your unique Use Case(s) is/are protectable and how it can best be protected (or if not, what your options might be). It includes three key components.

  • Use Case Definition: We help you clarify the actual business problem you are trying to solve
  • Level of Use Case Protectability: We create a high level map of the solution space. With that map, we research the marketplace and patent ecosystem to provide a clear view of how well your Use Case can be protected.
  • Recommendation: We provide actionable recommendations on your optimal next steps for developing an IP strategy that protects the full potential of your business.

2. Strategy Development
Next we take a deep dive into your business strategy and Use Case(s) to develop a comprehensive IP Strategy. This will do more than simply protect your technology — it will protect the actual Use Case(s) your technology is solving for. With this approach, you won’t be left behind investing in the wrong IP. Instead, you’ll have all the time you need to fully invest in IP that takes your business to its full potential.

3. Strategy Execution
Finally, we champion the development and execution of the IP based on the content and priorities identified in your Strategy. This includes inventing and developing specifications for technology enablement of the Strategy, and helping you keep your Strategy current over time.

Multi-Innovation puts TIME and IP on your side.


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