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Kodak film

What Apple needs to learn from Kodak’s missteps

Kodak failed to change their value proposition along with the market and to their detriment. So, how can Apple avoid this same issue?

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Why Apple v. Qualcomm was just a game of “chicken”

So much was leading up to this war, and yet there was no epic battle fought. What happened!?

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Steve Jobs in 2007

Think BIG like Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs and Apple can help you reframe your strategy for your business and its value proposition — what are you waiting for?

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A caterpillar becoming a butterfly

Businessᴵᴾ Score : A new way to assess business potential using IP

I am proposing a new scale to measure IP — Business to the power of IP.

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Castle surrounded by moat

How to use patents as a barrier to entry

Any problem that is worth solving, and any business opportunity worth pursuing, has plenty of viable competing solutions.

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IP Fridays: Creating Value with Patents

Shmuel Silverman discusses with IP Fridays how businesses can create strong, valuable patents that will protect their business from the competition.

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