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Digital security lock and key

3 questions to answer before you develop a patent

Are you sure that you aren’t developing IP that can be easily circumvented by your competition?

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Hanging lights from ceiling

Case Study: Connected Lighting

Home Our Approach About Us Our Work Events Contact Us The Client:A UK-based…

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Business strategy meeting

Three questions every leader needs to answer

Changing the game by creating patents that protect your business, not just your technology.

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Women misses archery target

Why IP valuation can miss the mark for your business

You’ve created a portfolio of patents to protect your technology, but do you know their value?

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How to compete with the ‘big boys’ in business

Learn what the big boys are doing and change your strategy to look more like theirs.

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Think carefully about a company’s IP before you invest

With the right IP a company’s value can shift exponentially!

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