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Strategic Patent Strategy

Shmuel Silverman had the pleasure of being interviewed by Mark Brinkerhoff from Fusion Design, a product and equipment development consultance. In this 30-minute interview, Shmuel discusses strategic patent development and what this means for any sized company. In this clip we answer questions like: 1. Why smaller companies often require advice in the IP development […]

IP Issues Upon Entering the U.S. l Misconceptions of Protection

Shmuel Silverman had the pleasure of being interviewed by Stephen Anderson from Marquis Advisory Group. In this 2-minute interview, Shmuel discusses the many miconceptions when it comes to developing IP and how this translates into protecting your business. In this clip we talk about: 1. Common IP misconceptions & myths2. The value in protecting your […]

The Death of Privacy

Imagine a world where real-time data is continuously fed into our everyday activities with insights that just may influence our decisions, relationships, and eventually, our institutions.

5G — Privacy Not Included

5G technology and infrastructure are being rapidly introduced across the globe, but that isn’t news. Starting as early as 2017, countries such as South Korea, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States have been rolling out some form of 5G. While the newly emerging business opportunities are rising, the anonymity and privacy we have become […]

5G — The Self-Driven Car

In this second installment about 5G technology, we will examine the exciting technology behind the “self-driving car” and future businesses in light of both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 5G.  What If What would you give to avoid unproductive time in traffic, the risk of accidents, the stress and all the ill that comes from being […]