Multi-Innovation participates in Screw the Naysayers podcast with Tim Alison

Multi-Innovation CEO, Shmuel Silverman, shares his approach to protecting a business using strategically developed patent portfolios.


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Mill Valley, CA, October 3, 2019Multi-Innovation, a boutique firm that focuses on developing strategic patent portfolios, is pleased to showcase their participation in Tim Alison’s Screw the Naysayers podcast.

Shmuel Silverman, CEO and Founder of Multi-Innovation, shares his approach on how to use patents to protect your business in a 45-minute podcast. Silverman, an inventor and patent strategist with over 165 patents and provisionals has years of experience and has helped many companies create patent portfolios that protect their business. This podcast provides listeners with real-life examples of how and why taking advantage of having a strategic IP portfolio can be incredibly valuable for any sized company. 

In the podcast, Silverman says, “It’s not about the patent and it’s not about the technology. Business is about business. The first and foremost reason for IP is to protect the business, not protect the technology.” 

This fundamental discussion spotlights what differentiates Silverman’s innovative approach from the typical development of patents. He also shares his view on how taking this approach to creating a patent portfolio can facilitate new business opportunities for those driven to solve important problems.

Multi-Innovation is a team of inventors, business strategists and technology analysts who play a central role in developing strategic patent portfolios that protect and defend their client’s business while reducing their investments in intellectual property.


Screw the Naysayers – How to Use Patents to Protect Your Business with Shmuel Silverman