Multi-Innovation’s 5-part series on the impacts and future of 5G.

Multi-Innovation CEO, Shmuel Silverman, discusses his take on how 5G is shaping the world around us as we know it and what this means for new business opportunities.

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Mill Valley, CA, September 5th, 2019 Multi-Innovation, a boutique firm that focuses on developing strategic patent portfolios, is pleased to announce their participation in an extensive 5-part series on 5G and the game changing opportunities it brings.

5G is already rapidly shaping and changing the technology and communications industries as we know it. Companies will soon need to begin making decisions on how to approach this impending market reality and understand the infrastructure changes and impacts on hardware companies. Additionally, 5G will not only affect current industries and wireless communication but will also create new opportunities that have been blocked for many, many years and move us towards a new future with faster, better technology. 

Silverman says, “While the future of 5G doesn’t have one set path, companies can be proactive in their approach to its possibilities. 5G presents new and exciting opportunities for companies to adjust their focus towards new value propositions that will change the way consumers live, work, and play.”

In the 5-part series, Silverman will address several key concepts including a basic overview of why 5G matters, how it will change and mold life as we know it, and it’s influence on the future of transportation, privacy, and AI. 

Multi-Innovation is a team of inventors, business strategists and technology analysts who play a central role in developing strategic patent portfolios that protect and defend their client’s business while reducing their investments in intellectual property.