Multi-Innovation teams up with Advantary for a 6-part series on successfully entering the U.S. Market

Multi-Innovation leads a webinar on how to nail a niche and use IP to protect it. 

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Mia Powell, Project Manager
Phone: (415) 888-83870

Mill Valley, CA, August 1, 2019: Multi-Innovation, a boutique firm that focuses on developing strategic patent portfolios, is pleased to team up with Advantary, a full-service Management Accelerator™ on a webinar series focused on how to successfully enter the U.S. market.

The U.S. market is expansive, therefore it’s important to find the beachhead that’ll help a company expand stateside first. Multi-Innovation CEO, Shmuel Silverman will lead a discussion on how to nail a niche and use IP to protect it.

Silverman says, “Patents approved by authorities outside of the U.S. have no legal binding in the States, therefore if you hope to grow your business in the U.S. you must have U.S. patents.” 

Silverman will address several key questions including freedom to operate and how to overcome barriers to entry by U.S companies. He will also detail how businesses can use IP as their own barriers to entry, allowing them to effectively compete and protect their value proposition.

“Patents that do not protect your value proposition are simply meaningless in this market,” says Silverman. “It’s important to control technology-based barriers to entry before your competitors do.” 

This webinar series is supported by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and is free and open to the public.  

Multi-Innovation is a team of inventors, business strategists, technology analysts, and R&D experts who play a central role in developing strategic patent portfolios for Fortune 1000 companies that protect and expand their business while reducing their investments in intellectual property.