Multi-Innovation celebrates client Gooee in landing important IoT contract with Croonwolter&dros

Gooee will optimize both building and business performance for more than 5,000 buildings.

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Mill Valley, CA, June 27, 2019: Multi-Innovation, a boutique firm that focuses on developing strategic patent portfolios, is pleased to celebrate the success of its client, Gooee, in signing a contract with Croonwolter&dros that will connect more than 5,000 buildings in the Netherlands, onto the Gooee Building Intelligence Platform. Gooee’s Building Operating System will take control of inefficient, existing building systems to optimize both building and business performance under this contract.

The benefits of the Gooee system include reducing energy consumption and operational costs with an overall lower cost of ownership.  A subscription-based model reduces upfront investment and aligns with short pay payback periods for landlords, managers, and tenants.

Neil Salt, the Managing Director & Co-Founder of Gooee, says, “The most critical element in a car is its software. Today, companies like Tesla can improve the performance and efficiency of your vehicle with remotely managed software. This is what Gooee can do for buildings systems that aren’t integrated and were originally designed for function vs. efficiency. Our investment in technology & IP across wireless communications, lighting, sensing, and cloud-based applications have now made this a reality at scale and Gooee is at the forefront of this innovation.”

Multi-Innovation and Gooee have worked together for two years to develop over 75 patents to increase their overall market space and business protection. 

Shmuel Silverman, CEO, and founder of Multi-Innovation says, “Gooee’s innovative team is capitalizing on a basic utility – lighting – to change the world of space and building management with superb ROI for their clients. We are thrilled to see such  impressive results from all of their hard work and dedication in creating and closing on this opportunity.”

Gooee is a team of experienced lighting, space, and building specialists focused on providing global building performance solutions using best in class software and hardware. 

Multi-Innovation is a team of inventors, business strategists, technology analysts, and R&D experts who play a central role in developing strategic patent portfolios for Fortune 1000 companies that protect and expand their business while reducing their investments in intellectual property.